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Dec 26, 2008

My Christmas....

You might be aware already, I spent Christmas eve in the office.. and well enough, during the Christmas Day itself.. I was sleeping lang, lame!

I tried to be awake until early afternoon but I couldn't just help it. So let me share what happened.

7AM, Marvin picked me up after office hours then we headed home to have a meal. I enjoyed the night with all the people greeting me and wishing me Merry Christmas. Let me borrow a phrase.. "it wasn't so bad", although I was on call when 12MN striked...

I got the following
  • A box of Max's Caramel Bar from my Ninang
  • Coasters from Johann
  • Coffee Cup from Shey
  • Toblerone from Pat
  • KaraNina cosmetics pouch from Rose, Pat, and Brandon
  • Mrs. Fields cookies from Milly
  • Notepad and Picture Clipper from Hakkai
  • Papemelroti notepad from Tin
  • Cute pencil from Dette - which is the same pencil I gave to my class, haha
  • Tomato Bag from my Kuya
  • Converse Chucks from my Beau! - I thought I'll get a VS speedy bag this holiday, I didn't expect that he'll get me a Converse... but I super like it! But you know what, I think sakit ko ung, hindi pwedeng isa lang.. dahil maluluma agad pag ginamit ko ng ginamit.. so I wish to get one more next year! **grin**
  • ... pahabol - a self made perfume by Dwan (my student), very nice. thanks dwan!
Apart from all these, I got soooooooooo many text messages and that I intentionally did not reply. hehe. Sorry! Kasi ung iba, numbers lang, I just couldn't take some time to reply and ask. And I couldn't bring my cellphone anywhere but in my pedestal.

Let me share a space here, to all those who greeted me.. THANK YOU, THANK YOU and THANK YOU. I am truly and sincerely gratified with all of you remembering me... so again, THANK YOU!!

To those who spent time to buy others gifts (including me!), MY SINCEREST THANK YOU as well.

.. now its time to wish ourselves a PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR!

Happy Holidays Everyone!

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