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Jan 1, 2010

Flight to Decatur, Illinois

For my fourth account with my company, I am yet to travel; this time in the colder part of Illinois in the city of Decatur.

checking-in at JAL (japan arilines)
travel time to Japan: 4 hours

we landed in Narita Airport, Japan
waiting time to board: 3 hours

from Japan, we took UAL to Chicago-O'Hare Airport
travel time: 11 hours
waiting time to board: 3 hours

arrived at St. Louis Airport after an hour of travel

we took a 2 hour drive from St. Louis Airport to Decatur, Illinois

it was a loooong and exhausted travel.
From St. Louis, heavy wind with snow welcomed us.. we were totally freezing beyond doubt.

We were able to settle down in our respective rooms, past 12MN.

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