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Jan 10, 2010

Generous Sunday with the Capati's

Our Sunday started with an 11:30 mass at Our Lady of St. Lourdes Church; just a few minutes away from the hotel. We arrived a little late so we took different seats.

During the mass, the others found other Filipino's in the church. Before we knew it, we got an invite from a couple who have lived here in Decatur for 32 years. It was hard to say No. So right after mass.. our part of the convoy headed to Walmart to get stuff to bring to our kind hosts. We got drinks, cake and ice cream.

Inside their huge house of two: while in the middle of constant eating, picture taking, senseless talking, more story telling and videoke-ing... -- Mrs. Capati (the wife) told her story on how they (as a couple) got involved in Gawad Kalinga. She mentioned that she has a community of their own in the Philippines, which means based on my analysis... they have donated a generous amount to the group. During her story telling, she talked about Dylan Wilk. I know I won't get her story straight but I'd like to try anyway.

Mrs Capati's Story. This Dylan Wilk is the 9th richest Englishman. He was born poor but started a computer game business when he was 20. By 25, he sold his business and earned him multi million british pounds. One day, a Filipina visited him. This pinay told him that she was having second thoughts of visiting him because her plane ticket would cost her two houses built in the Philippines. He was perplexed as to how a plane ticket can buy a house in the Philippines so the pinay told the story of Gawad Kalinga. Dylan then sold his BMW to build 80 houses. When Tony Meloto (Gawad Kalinga) heard that Dylan wants to donate money, he told him that he won't accept it, rather he must go to the Philippines if he really wants to help. Dylan fell in love with the advocacies of GK and is now living in Manila. Her community in the Philippines is named BMW Community. He is married to Tony Meloto's daughter.

I wrote down notes when she was telling the story but slipped mid-way. I'm not sure if I got it right. I will research and blog more of Gawad Kalinga because the brochure I read in their house was really good.


When I stopped googling Dylan and Gawad Kalinga, I googled Carlos Capati (the name I saw from one of the pictures and trophies on top of a shelf in the house whom I thought is the husband). I thought he was just a regular Filipino who works in a hospital.. I was wrong. He is a doctor! A doctor for crying out loud. And I am just stunned and speechless... a successful doctor, truly humble and generous enough to invite 15 strangers to their house. How many Filipino's do you know who are like this? Even my pure cousin (of same surname and blood) failed to lend a hand when I needed her in my desperate times in an airport.

How can a couple that we barely knew allow a big group to invade their house? More so, cooked for us? -- it was kare kare by the way.

If I'm not mistaken, according to Google, the doctor's son is Albert Capati - a dentist who was born and raised in Decatur; attended and graduated Valedictorian from Eisenhower High School and attended college in John Hopkins University in Baltimore. He has a dental clinic in Springfield. Another successful family member.

Mr. and Mrs. Capati are standing 4th and 6th from this picture

No doubt about their success story, their generosity & humbleness is being re-payed a thousandfold.

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