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Jan 20, 2010

Avatar in amazing 3D

geeeeeeeeez, i'm so late with the technology.. what's happening with the movie tech??

Ok. So I've just seen Avatar today in freaking 3D.. it was fantabulous, spectacular and super amazing. I was totally captivated to the nth power.

I don't know how to say it.. I can't even describe my satisfaction.
The wonderful story, the characters, the technology were beyond marvelous... James Cameron is phenomenal in this creation, the creativity was just outstanding. The plot maybe familiar - fighting for your race or family or for the one you love; still it was shown in a different context and material.

So here's how the day started:

us in the morning, before our shift
btw, i love this blouse I got here

cinemas here aren't part of a mall, they're totally a different establishment

it was the last full show, we were just 10 inside

our 3D shades that we got to bring home,
like rayban

I love the movie with this!

AVATAR!! I want to see it again!

5 comment(s):

r e y a n e said...

waaaaah! pwede mahiram ang 3D glasses mo? papa ID lang ako... :D ahahaha...

Cute nga ng blouse mo sis... naka ka slim. Pasalubungan mo ko nyan... :D

-mayang- said...

wow.. nakaka SLIM? it means i'm fat talaga..

cge, pag meron pa sa TJmaxx sis.. hehehe. ano size mo sa US?

r e y a n e said...

seryoso? waaaah... di ko alam size ko.... T_T

pwede bang bag na lang pasalubong? lolz ^_^

-mayang- said...

haha, actually nakabili nko ng pasalubong probably during my second week? anong bag ba sis preferred mo?, black, casual? backpack, handbag, sling? :p lemme know

r e y a n e said...

Office bag sis! :D