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Dec 27, 2009

2009 Goals

Roughly three days from now.. we're going to celebrate another much awaited New Year - 2010, 2+0+1+0 is 3. In numerology, number 3 is arching upwards, a very good sign.

But before I flood my blog with nonsense ideas of mine, let me recall the 2009 goals I plotted in my Belle de Jour planner. :)

My 2009 is set to make myself better physically and financially.

Goal: Read at least a book per quarter

Check! I didn't get to read a book per quarter though. I started reading towards the end of the year. When the Twilight Saga fever came, i got hooked and eventually ended up reading the entire 4 books from November to December; not to mention I read Eclipse and Breaking Dawn twice.. does that make it 6 books then? I was also able to read one Sophie Kinsella book, so that's 7 books this year? Hmm, I'd like to give credit to myself for the effort and indulgence. In a way, I can never trade reading to any other form of hobby :)

Goal: Lose Weight and maintain it

No shit but I've been really trying. When I realized that Remyxx is part of Lucky's entourage, I tried my very best to control my eating.. I'd like to think that it paid of, sorta! hehe. But I lost it again when I received the news that I'm going back to US on the day of the wedding. I guess the most important thing is that I know I still can lose weight. i will try some more and focus with it. Half-Check!

Goal: Settle financial obligations and be credit-free

Thank God this did not eat me alive. I was able to pass this test with flying colors. I now enjoy every cent of my salary. I've learned my lesson the hard way and I'm not ashamed of it. Half-Check! (still completing payments of the last one)

Goal: Ortho fix

I didn't realize this needs time. Apparently, I can't have braces yet as I have serious TMJ issues. Good news is, I have started with therapy and I'm on my 4th month now, 4 more months to go and hopefully I can have some tooth extraction and tooth fillings completely done before my braces. Can't wait. :) Check for this one!

I'm so glad I've written down my goals so I can look back and recognize that I achieved something in my existence this year.

I wonder what my goals are for 2010 and where I want to be?

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