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Jan 22, 2010

Filipino Dinner.. na naman

Last Sunday, when we're about to leave St. Lourdes church; we saw the Capati couples again; the one who generously invited us to their house for lunch. And so we stopped by to say our hi's and hello's. During the warm conversation, they introduced us to another Filipino couple - another doctor couple to be exact. Again, before we knew it, we have already been invited for lunch. Such generous and hospitable Filipinos.

And today is the day that we crashed into their home. :)

i took the pic of course.. so i'm not here
this is just partial, we're 19 in total

bangus &
halabos na hipon

caldereta, or maybe not!?


classic adobo



flavorful breads

butong pakwan!!

.. we really don't miss Filipino food that much!

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