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Jan 3, 2010

HomeWood Suites by Hilton

I can't stop myself from showing you my hotel. I love it. From all the trips I have endured :p and all the hotels I've gone to.. nothing tops my room just yet.

This is specially to my family back in Manila who would love to see the 360 degree view of my room. Hopefully I made enough justification of my suite.


view from the door

my small dining table

my small kitchen, the black appliance below is an electronic dishwasher
saves me time from the sink!

my electric stove

my counter top

ah, microwave that never failes me :)

of course my ref

my small living room

sitting on the couch, this is what you'll see:
my bed, my work table and the tv

again, my working table
and the view of the bathroom

my giant bed with 6 uber soft pillows

view from my bed:
my bathroom on the right

life size mirror in the bathroom,
bathroom counter on the left and toilet on the right

my bathroom counter

uh-huh, my toilet. sorry :)

shower. yeah, no tub

inside the sliding life size mirrors

.. what do you think? :)

2 comment(s):

Kae Velasco said...

me likey ! bungga nga ! hehe . enjoy yer stay madam :D

r e y a n e said...

i love it!.... ^_^ mukhang sarap matulog sa kama!