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Jan 7, 2010

Training Cancelled Today

We will be a bum this Thursday because the company decided to cancel training for this day.

We're experiencing blizzard now so you could hardly see anything outside. But earlier.. it wasn't cold yet; when it was like drizzles and snow showers still. A bunch of us went outside and took heaps of pictures. :)

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r e y a n e said...

wow!.... saya nyan!... hehehe...

Kung Americans tatanungin mo... they dont like snow. This kind of weather halts them in the fast paced lives. I think there is really something about snow that makes Pinoy happy... almost never kasi in all of their Philippine based life na maeexperience nila ang snow. Enjoy the moment sis!... Try to make a snow angel and post the pic! Another is to try snow sledding. ehehe... ^_^

Inggit akoooooo!!!... waaah... although I cant stand the cold sa ganyan kakapal na snow... I'd rather have cold weather than blistering hot weather here in the Phils.

-mayang- said...

bearable naman ung cold while it's still snowing. after that, un ung malamig.. so there.. nakapag picture picture. and the cold vs hot weather in the phils? - i agree with you.

we'll see when we can do the snow angel :)