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Jan 4, 2010

Cold January

I wasn't really prepared enough (in terms of clothes) when we landed in St. Louis. Sure I put on a bubble jacket over a sweater but it's not really that helpful; hence the cold got me.. way way too much. So I was trying to study how to prepare myself for outside trips.

I'd like to think I'm getting better and better at dressing myself in this weather. :)

yeah, shows like I don't have a neck.. hihi
hotel lobby (taken earlier)

Ugg Boots I got from Walmart for $7
I have two layers of leggings under my pants
Shirt underneath then my sleeveless bubble jacket and thick padded 'kurdoroy' jacket

this was taken around 5:45PM.. it gets dark early.

snow snow snow, love it!
crap being fashionable...
what matters is that you can walk outside, perfectly comfortable and warm.

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