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Jan 20, 2010

Well Fed, Snacks Galore!

.. ,we all are.

Can you imagine.. we are eating and munching every second in the classroom. Our hosts thought that they be more hospitable by offering us snacks.

delicious fruit tray

with a sinful dip in the middle of the tray

do we have this in Pinas?
this is the first time i've seen a soda with no caffeeine
kaya pala inaantok pdin ako after :p

i'm no fan of mint chocolates but this YORK is an exception

here's the stash of other goodies

and more!

.. even more!

... now, expect that I won't fit in the lense of my camera.
I have to be zoomed out!! LOL

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r e y a n e said...

hala! san kayu nag te training sis? sa grocery store? hahaha...