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Oct 12, 2009

National Bookstore: Balik Aral Program

Philippines have not fully covered yet.. have not recovered at all actually. Much help is still needed.

I've been extending my best efforts in participating and helping those who were mostly affected by the typhoon. I have not rendered my services, but I helped in what I call.. my own little way.

Actually, I'm a Laking National kid - the loyalty program of National Bookstore, and I recently learned that they started a program to help typhoon-damaged schools by providing school supplies. Their program is called "Balik Aral" aimed to provide clean and ample school supplies to our students who badly need 'dry' materials. You can buy school supplies especially packed by National Bookstore for only Php25.00, leave it in their drop boxes and they will be the one to distribute it to different schools in the metro and nearby provinces.

I did my part, hopefully you won't forget to help our students.

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