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Nov 28, 2009

Twilight Saga: Eclipse Book

Thursday Evening, Power Books was in the office. Contrary to what I had in mind - that they will only sell books that were pre-ordered, turned out there were many books to choose from and that you can buy right there and then.

After I've seen New Moon, I'm sure I want to read the rest of the books. And so I asked for my sis' opinion if I can read Eclipse without reading the first two. I bought the book as soon as she said yes... and I'm happy it turned out well.

For roughly 2 days I finished it. If I'm to sum up the hours I think it's about a day and a half. I was ecstatic to begin and to continue the story in my head. I wasn't this excited when Twilight came out. I wanted to try and read though but I saw the movie first then I heard so many people say it's a little boring. So I got discouraged. I'm not a wide reader and I'm afraid to read something that won't turn out ok.

I'd say the book was moving -- of Jacob's, Edward's and Bella's love story. It was also light to read and I find myself grinning and chuckling from time to time. I have better understanding now why Bella acted differently the way she did from both previous movies. I also can't judge Edward's and Bella's love story. I get it now, the story is about Edward and Bella per se - other vampires and wolves are just bonuses so I shouldn't ask for more throwing, fighting, etc -- although it's not so bad to add, right? :wink:

I don't know if I'm team Jacob still, maybe I'm like Bella - torn.

When I finished, I reread few chapters back; 15 and 20 to be exact. There were also 'sweet' scenes there that I love.. oh Edward! lol

I'm looking forward to see the movie.
  • Let's see if it will have as much holding, smack's and kissing as the book
  • Bed scenes though can be improved.. really
  • I love the sleep over with the Cullens; the night Edward proposed - very very cute
  • the tent scene was silly - I have to reread that Chapter, not yet included in my fave chapters
  • tent scene continued - if my bf is edward - he'll die of jealousy that very instant
  • it got me to a point when I just said... 'why Bella?' - she's human, what can she do. Feeling would always be feelings
  • the love making attempts (plural) - i'm buying fourth book so I'd know how it happened, hahaha :grin:
  • Bella cried more than once in this book, I wanna see if the actress is capable of doing so
  • Jacob's hair in this book has grown, I wonder if they will adapt this
  • I love Alice Cullen (Ashley Greene in real life). I don't know if she looks better with long hair, but she's sexy and cute. I love her features, I love her character.
  • Edward in this book is undeniably sexy, romantic, perfect and beautiful. hay :p
This truly fits the teenage 'kilig' love but I hope they carefully make the movie and think of other viewers too. I believe it's due June 30, 2010.

.. sorry if your 'sick' of my twilight entries. wehehehe.

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