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Nov 21, 2009

Twilight Saga: The New Moon

I watched New Moon yesterday.
I thought it was really 'bitin'. Maybe I was not convinced that the story ended just like that.

Anyway, I'm not a pro in giving reviews - so I won't. But here's my insights and questions:
  • I'm not convinced of Bella's acting. She's way better when the scene requires running, shouting, getting angry, etc. When it's a normal conversation or a heart to heart talk, i feel like her acting is way off and as a 'manonood', I can't connect to her feelings. LOL. I'm not the director, maybe that's how she was instructed.
  • Victoria's appearance was so abrupt. I was looking for more action between Bella, the Wolves, or the Cullens. When the tension started to rise because Bella was unprotected... she then disappeared. One of the vampires said Victoria is planning to kill Bella slowly. That would have been a good twist. Victoria capturing Bella or at least an encounter with her, and a fight scene between her and the Cullens and the Wolves... interesting scene!! But nah... and don't mind me. I'm just looking for more flying, jumping, throwing... more action so the LOVE story can sell.
I got this info somewhere:
Not much is known about the time Edward was away from Bella. He spent most of his time tracking Victoria, a vampire who helped James hunt Bella during the first book.

This task led Edward to Texas and eventually to South America but Edward never found Victoria.

I didn't notice that in the film. He was tracking Victoria pala. I have issues with the way they talk. LOL.
  • The "Volturi" encounter was different and cool; including the yellow car - was that Ferrari?
  • Jacob is pure HOTNESS. Silly, I feel like I'm still in College. But poor him, he couldn't have Bella.
  • Yeah, ending the movie with the marrying part is two thumbs up.

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♕ reyna said...

hee heee.... i guess you didnt read the book. kaya medyu dissapointed ka sis sa ending...

I got what i expected from the movie. Masyado ngang bookish yung movie eh. May mga ilang scenes na kulang. Pero ok lang kasi di naman masyado kelangan sa story.

wala talaga masyado exposure si Victoria sa New Moon. I think sa Eclipse pa siya babalik. The focus for the second book ay si Jacob Black talaga and his clan of werewolves.

Si edward, when he called Bella's house to confirm her death, he was in Brazil hence the statue in the background. Yeah, he was practicing his tracking skills to kill Victoria.

Lam mo bang, nagtititili ako sa kilig at home while reading the book when Edward proposed to Bella. hahaha... Neeway.. i'm Team Jacob. I love the abs! haha.

-mayang- said...

hehe.. nah. I didn't read the book. baka hindi ko matapos at ma-bore lang talaga ko. i heard nga the third book e parang sa dulo lang me action.

i would have wanted more KILIG scenes and adventure and fighting.

.. i was recalling that scene when Edward called and jacob said "he's (the father) arranging the funeral". he thought Bella's funeral right? i realized the background too but it was so fast. non readers like me wouldn't really know the importance of that scene.

well anyway,,, grabe talaga pamatay na ABS!!! hahahahhaha luvit!

♕ reyna said...

nyahaha.... oo super boring yung books... lolz.... till now di ko pa sila tapos.. and nasa 1st chapter of 3rd book pa lang ako. Come to think of it, last year ko pa natanggap as gifts tong book set ng twilight...

Far different from Harry Potter books na hindi ko talaga binibitiwan till im finished. sa Harry Potter 7 lalo na... super dami ng action scenes and revelations about all characters.

I miss na yung Harry Potter movies... kelan kaya ang next?

-mayang- said...

hindi ba 2010?
baka nga hindi... kasi hindi naman maingay ung movie kung meron nga..

me twilight pala tonight sa Star Movies - 9PM.. let me see nga ulet ung love story. hehe.