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Sep 27, 2009

Ondoy hit Manila

This is how we spent our Saturday.

I work in a call center, so my normal sleep is always in the morning. Every end of the week I would always stay up late as much as I can, sleep for 12 to 14 hrs straight and then jut wake up the next day. Arriving from work around 7:30AM, I slept by 9AM.

I don't know how I was awaken but by 3PM I was awake -- ah! I remembered, it was brownout. It was also raining as expected, but what truly caught me was the flood inside the house. Bahang baha na. I was so shocked because we don't get this much. For the years we've been living here, we only get up to our ankle, and that also means it's probably waist deep (even more) already on the main street. My siblings who were still relaxed convinced me to get up from bed to help lift our things.
Here are some random photos I took:

It was probably one of the most disgusting, uncomfortable, inconvenient experience one has to go through - not including the cleaning!
But I didn't know that the rest of Metro Manila experienced worst than we did.

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