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Dec 4, 2009

Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Book

I dragged myself a little to finish the book. I got it Monday and completed it on a Thursday. Don't get me wrong.. it ain't that bad. It's just so long.. that's it.

  • Meyer is smart not to sacrifice the details of the story just to make the book shorter. The book is 3-part, Bella narrating, then Jacob then back to Bella.
  • i find it very detailed just like eclipse.
  • Jacob was given a decent space in this book
  • I was anticipating a more detailed bed scene.. bwahahahaha, but I guess the author wouldn't really know how to describe it.. a human and a vampire?
  • meyer was successful (to me at least) in describing how painful and uncomfortable Bella's condition was. I kept reading and reading because I don't want to imagine Edward suffering.. o sige.. and Bella too. LOL
  • Too bad this is a book.. I wanted to listen to Edward's lullaby. I hope they won't edit that in the movie, besides - Rob Pattinson sings right?

I'm not in the mood to add more.. maybe soon if it comes back to me.
I enjoyed the scenes, the wedding, the honeymoon, i can skip Bella's suffering - but that's one of the highlights here so sige, up until the baby's ordeal -- all good to me. :)

Can't wait for their movie. :)

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