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Nov 24, 2009

Twilight Alert: Spoilers Ahead

I can't contain my Jacob fever after we've seen the movie. I feel i'll go insane any moment now.. at the same time.. i feel so baduy talking about it over and over.

Monday night, several minuted after I arrived at the office.. we all (my officemates) got talking about New Moon (the movie). Turned out we're all crazy about Jacob.. at least about his abs for that matter, hehe. My manager joined the conversation minutes later and she said she read all the books long before it became a movie, so we asked her to share details. It doesn't really matter if it is going to affect my perception and imagination of the next story - I just want to hear it. She said the 4th book is nice, with a good twist - it will eventually reveal the marriage, the pregnancy, more of Jacob, of Edward, wedding, honeymoon, baby and all.

Wee, it didn't really spoil the fun. I even feel like I want to read the books for more juicy details.

... if you're reading/have read the book.. this entry is not really a spoiler then. :)

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