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Dec 6, 2009

Startek Xmas Party '09

Our company's xmas party was held last Saturday in Manila Ocean Park with the theme "Sinbad and the Legend of the Seven Seas".

The venue was 4 times bigger than last year. This time, everything was better - from the caterer, food, booze, presentations and all the rest. I was just concerned about the sharks and different fish there.. they probably got deaf listening to our yelling and music.

I realize I didn't have too much picture that night, so I took a mirror shot when I got the chance. I'm supposed to be a lady pirate that night.. but I think because of my accessories - I turned out to be a gypsy.

I didn't win anything - wii, psp, trip to bangkok, trip to boracay, theatre system, etc --- arghh, a wii could have been nice for this xmas. :)

.. but I guess this one's meant for me. I'm happy and contented.

Thanks for the party startek!

3 comment(s):

r e y a n e said...

Company T rented SMX, invited bands, shelled out 2Mil to keep its employees happy for their party while Company S rented out Manila Ocean Park, a grandeous "Seven-seas" theme, and gave out wii, psp, Bangkok and Boracay trips and theatre systems. Meanwhile Company E, a fortune 500 company, rented out a small bar in Ortigas, divided the company xmas party into smaller groups, limited employees into food & drink stubs and gave out Rice cooker and coffee makers as their raffle give aways! ....hahaha! whattaeff!

r e y a n e said...

Now I better should be re thinking my loyalties na..... paksheeet!....

-mayang- said...

hahaha.. san galing to???
and which one's ur company?? hmmm