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Oct 31, 2009


Yeah, i'm a big fat LOSER. :p

  1. my shift starts at 12mn and ends 9am; clock now freaking shows 2:55 and counting and i'm still at the office. i should really thank myself for squeezing in some downtime, facebook time eh?
  2. it's weekend people and i should be celebrating because i don't have class anymore but see.. i'm stuck in the office trying to catch up with all my deliverables - and after 6 grueling hours, i'm not yet done
  3. no permanent solution yet for my online hiatus
  4. and oh.. i went to Calayan the other week and i was offered 26k treatment every month.. haha, was it really really worth it? i paid 500 for consultation, lemme think about the 26k/month payment! i don't wonder why actors/actresses can afford it
  5. i have so many to blog during the past few days but i have not had the downtime to do so

... i need sleep. that's all.

Love you Lord.

Stay safe and dry everyone!

2 comment(s):

♕ reyna said...

hmmm... 26K treatment per month at Calayan? sounds sosyal.... mag aartista ka na ba sis? ahihihi...

-mayang- said...

hahaha, hindi! pero pag desperada ka kung ano ano naiicp mo.. hahaha.. kalerkey!