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Feb 28, 2010

Japan Airlines

I love flying. In fact, I will always welcome free trips such as this. And so I've had the experience of taking few airlines - Philippine Airlines, Northwest, United Airlines and Japan Airlines. So far, I'm loving PAL and JAL.

I don't understand why peers I know hate PAL.. PAL is the most hygienic plane I've been to. I don't have to worry about toothbrush, paste and so forth, it's included in their complimentary package. Most carriers only offer the standard pillow, blanket, and headset for in-flight entertainment. Their lavatories are also equipped with soap, alcohol, lotion and cologne that smells good. Unlike the rest, they have soap, and that's about it. PAL international flight is OK. NWA and UAL are the worst for me.

JAL on the other hand is praise worthy. I can't believe UAL is selling their legroom area for nearly a hundred bucks. Geez. And when I got to JAL, their normal seats are freaking better than UALs coach and maybe their 'legroom' area too. UAL's was so tight and close.. unlike JAL. Also, Japan Airlines has a camera outside of their plane so everyone inside can actually see what the pilots are seeing.. like the runway, etc. The camera is active even few minutes after take off.. it's amazing to see lights and the airport from way above. Totally cool, and I liked it. JAL's is the cleanliest I've ever witnessed so far with good movie line up and the best personal entertainment. You have your own TV and remote. You can flip all through the channels and watch whatever you want. Unlike other airlines, you have to watch from their TV's mounted on the ceiling. JAL's snacks are not bad at all. Their crews speak English, Japanese and Tagalog.

I like them.. so much.

I can't wait to experience Cathay Pacific and maybe JAL business class? :D

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