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Feb 27, 2010


I have my memory intact for what we've gone through during our last 5 days in Illinois and it wasn't as 'easy' as packing your things... yes, I considered that easy more than the back to back certification we all had to pass.
Last week the most busiest days of our stay, thanks to the demo teach and staying up late to rehearse, make flip charts, and all that preparation - we get to sleep on the plane with no effort at all.

As I write this, our plane that will bring us to Manila has taken off 15 minutes ago - and yes am I wide awake. To successfully get to this leg of our trip, we all had to endure all the driving, sleepless nights and connecting flights.

Here are the highlights of our last week:
  • Monday and Tuesday were still bearable. I slept late thought because I washed my clothes.
  • Wednesday night, I slept 2 hours because I was rehearsing and coming up with my presentation
  • Thursday night, I slept for 3 hours because I was busy packing and re-packing my things
  • Friday morning - we are all work mode still
  • Our shift ended at 2PM then we had lunch. After lunch we ran some errands to get a few more necessary things. We then drove non-stop for 3hours to Renaissance Hotel in St. Louis Missouri where we stayed overnight. The overnight was spent re-packing and re-weighing. There was absolutely NO SLEEP involved. I thought I would snap and go crazy anytime. I was crying desperately for sleep, but there's just no time for so many things to do.
  • Finally, Saturday morning.. with our stuffed luggages, we all headed to take the first flight out of MO.
  • We took 1 hour and 30 minutes flight via UAL. From the moment I snapped my seatbelt on, I was dead asleep. Isn't it crazy that our group slept before the plane took off and woke up when everyone else was already standing ready to leave the plane? We slept the entire time - the flight attendant didn't even bother to wake us up to serve our snack. This is our first sign of exhaustion.
  • 2nd plane ride of the day, from Chicago to Japan. Again, I didn't wait for the plane to take off, I passed out as soon as I had my seat belts intact and I know where the rest of my peers at. I missed the first snack on this ride. I opened my eyes but refused to eat. I was still exhausted. It didn't matter if I was snoring or sleeping with my mouth open, I don't care about the Malaysian guy sitting beside me. Lunch came and our row was next to be served. Ha! I woke up just in time. The rest of the hours were spent watching movies, chatting a little, meal times, and SLEEP.
  • Ah, finally. This moment.. Japan Airlines (JAL) that will bring us to Manila. I didn't sleep during the first hour. I wanted to witness (again) my favorite part of this ride - the take off. I was given two chances earlier but I just slept through it. And I love JAL. They have a camera outside of the plane so when we were still taxiing and taking off, we can see everything. The TV's inside are connected to the camera so we saw the runway, how it was during take off, it was soooo damn cool. After the first meal, I passed out again. I didn't even finish 'The Blind Side'.

I don't know how I survived, but I did.
So I welcome myself to Manila.. I am back Pinas! :D

our JAL flight to Manila
just as exhausting

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