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Feb 2, 2010

Dinner at Texas RoadHouse

Our team has been trying to eat in the busiest restaurant here in Forsyth. For the longest time, all we can do was to reserve. Normally what we get is 2hrs tops. So if we call in 6PM to reserve ahead, they can give us a table by 9PM, absolutely crazy that we end up declining it. That's how 'patok' the restaurant is.

I believe Texas Roadhouse opens at 11AM then close at 2PM. Reopen by 4PM till 11.

Today, we bravely called at 4PM for 6:30 Dinner. Lo and behold, we didn't wait when we got there.

The famous Texas Roadhouse

if it doesn't say TEXAS...

Cactus Blossom
texas-sized onion, hand battered, golden fried and served with special Cajun horseradish sauce

cup of chili with cheese and onion

Half Slab of their Fall-of-the-bone Ribs

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