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Feb 1, 2010

Build Your Own Bridge

Our Account/Program Director joined us again this morning to facilitate an activity for the team.

We were grouped into four and were instructed to consume all the materials laid before us in creating our bridge. In order to win, the teams just have to make sure that the mini car can run from one end to the other and that all materials with no exceptions, are used. Our crayons were even used as posts not as writing materials.

To test our teamwork and leadership, our facilitator gave us road blocks while pressed for time trying to finish; she pulled out the men in the group, added other specifications of the bridge in the middle of the construction, and several others.

.. in the end, after all used up crayons, foams, board papers, and scotch tapes... of course our team won. :)

us and our winning bridge

this is the type you get when you don't have the time in the world

i don't know what happened, this should be tilted to the right
we got $15 dollar gift certificate as a prize

What a way to start Monday! :)

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