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Feb 21, 2010

My 101 of Traveling

Now that we're nearing our flight schedules to go back in Manila.. I guess it's time to remind myself how bittersweet it is to pack stuff again and prep for home. Bitter because I don't like it, but on the other hand, sometimes I do. I love trips, I love flying.

And so I've put together guidelines that I live by when traveling. In case you pick up something, then good.. in case you have anything to share.. I'm all ears. :)

  • Always be on the comfortable side. I love dressing up but I don't trade comfortability over fashion (ok, maybe sometimes) but traveling is a different story. Start with comfortable undies; it will be hugging you for quite some time so cotton is a good choice.
  • A simple shirt and a jacket is not so bad at all.
  • For bottoms, I prefer sweat pants. If I wear maong pants, I wear them w/o belt. Security checks are pain in the ass, you'll get through fast w/o a belt on.
  • Shoes - any slip-ons work for me; sandals, slippers, loafers, mules.. anything that's easy to remove will always work.
  • Sometimes watch has metals too, so I don't wear one. Plastics and rubber are good choices.

  • I love four wheel trolleys. You can pull them, push them in any direction without straining any part of your body. Always, I put a copy of my itinerary and passport in all my bags.. just in case.
  • I pity those who carry gym bags too, totally awful to look at. Buy a carry-on luggage that you can pull around and not something to carry on your shoulders the whole time. Carry on's should be kept to a minimum. Don't carry too many loose items and bags. Normally it's a regular purse, laptop and your main carry on. It's also good to consider what purse/office bag to bring. If you anticipate to bring home workbooks/materials, make sure your office bag can carry them so you don't have to stuff those in your luggage - it will eat up weight if you know what I mean.
  • For padlocks, there's the standard TSA approved. If you buy the normal one's and if security has to open your luggage, they will open it even if it requires destroying your lock.. worst your luggage. Invest in the padlock too.
  • Lastly, don't forget to mark your bags. Anything - a big bag tag, colored belts, colored packing tapes work too. If you have the normal blue, red, black luggage, make sure you can spot it even from a distance.
  • Oh, if you're planning to buy a PINK luggage, please think twice. They tend to get reeally dirty especially because they're just thrown to and from the plane. Poor bags.

  • Never forget your toiletries and make sure they're the allowed size. Not all airlines have complimentary toothpaste and toothbrush - only Philippine Airlines give that out as far as I've experienced. Always remember a MUST that you need.
  • Don't bring the liquid lip gloss that you have to squeeze or press.. remember the plane is pressurized. You'll be sorry when your lip gloss starts to spurt and wouldn't stop.
  • Have two pens handy. There's a lot to fill up, I swear. One for you, and maybe one for your seat mate. :) Again, remember the pressurized plane. Sign pens and fountain pens are good. But be on the safe side, bring your good old trustee pen - the one that you absolutely know writes.
  • Have something to entertain you especially if the trip is to the other side of the world. It could be a book, a deck of cards, your gadget.. anything to keep you sane while you're up in the air. You'll never know when the onboard entertainment will be unavailable.
  • Keep all the toiletries, entertainment material, pens in your purse/bag that you can have with you while seated. Airlines allow two places where you can store your carry on - overhead bin or in front of you. It will not be easy to open the overhead bin just to get your toiletries or your pen. But if you have those in your bag that you can store under the seat in front of you.. piece of cake. Use and store as you please.
  • As far as I know, airlines don't allow excessive batteries too. I'm not sure which kind, just google it. :)
  • I bring neck pillow too, because I know now how I sleep while seated, and I need it. I hate the inflatable one. Totally portable, but not really useful. I trust the mushy, soft pillow. The softer, the better for me.

  • I say don't eat too much when traveling. Eating in small servings are also good. Granola bars are excellent choice.
  • Bowel is a different story and maybe hard to master especially if you release regularly. I just refrain myself from eating too much and eating food that I know will make me poop. If you have to, wet wipes, alcohol and perfume are your savior.
  • Beware when drinking coffee before or during the flight. Other's get Diarrhetic and so frequent toilet travels are expected.

I wrote this bearing in mind that I have a 16 hour travel ahead of me.
If I think of something else, I'll post some more.

Have fun traveling!

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