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Feb 23, 2010

In-Flight Entertainment

Sometimes it's so unbelievable how fast technology has set us forward. I can't wait to see flying cars in the near future now that there are cars that can detect parking space, or even park itself automatically, cars that would suddenly stop if it recognizes a block or a near collision.. just unbelievable.

But I'm a simple person, if there's anything I like about the technology on board the aircrafts, it is the fact that you can choose your own movie/ channel and watch whatever you like. You can even play bejeweled and other pop cap games. I love it!

this is a remote that you pull out from your armrest. it looks like a phone to me.

flip the remote control and you'll see this. notice that it has channel & volume controls. it also has A, B, X buttons for those gaming addicts. So yes, you can play!

here's your own small TV that has 'glare' something so the person sitting next to you can't really see what you're watching unless they look at your monitor straightforward.

Gotta Love Flying!

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