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Feb 14, 2010

Happy Winter Valentine!!

This is probably the most busiest Valentine I've ever been to. Not that I dated today or something but I was part of the team that hosted a Valentine dinner for good 25 people.. or maybe more.

I think I talked about our hosted dinners here several times. So.. last Sunday, our team held the dinner.. finally, not only for our peers but for our American friends as well.

We were all busy entertaining and facilitating games that I didn't capture pictures. But before the party began, I was able to take the opportunity of taking photos of the food we prepared for them. After dinner, we played 3 games - twister, Pinoy Henyo and Amazing Race. After the race, we showed them a video presentation that has messages of their dear loved ones from Pinas that we requested through Facebook. Tears flowed while watching the video. I couldn't help myself too. I'll try to post it here if I get to have a copy.

We had hotdog tidbits on a stick with marshmallows as our appetizer. Lugaw, Kare-Kare with bagoong, Marinara Pasta and Salmon were the main dishes. Sweetened Avocado, Yema and Pies were for desserts. Sodas and Tequila Sunrise for the drinks. My team mates just knew how to cook!

Please take time to read the captions :)

It was a success!

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