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Mar 1, 2010

Japan Sanitation

Witnessing technology in Japan made me blog about what I am blogging here now.

but excuse me, before you read make sure you're not eating. thank you.

Japan has brought technology to ridiculous (in a good way) directions; even toilets now are considered hi-tech. I am thankful to be in Japan in situations like this.

So yes, after about 20 hours of travel, my body felt the need to dump.. and so I did, luckily and thankfully, in Japan.

The picture above is not an armrest but it is connected beside the toilet. It is an automatic-press bidet so you can wash after you did #2. It goes straight to wherever it needs to go so you'll feel clean after, and damn! it feels great. The STOP button is used so you can stop the water when you feel contented with the wash. The SHOWER is for a straight release of water, the BIDET is like a shower sort of self explanatory, while the FLUSHING SOUND .. i'll leave the thinking to you, but I have a theory though.

This toilet and technology is sooooooooo helpful.
But where in the hell is Philippines in this? I just hope we get to develop sanitized toilets too, kahit hindi na automatic and all that, just clean right? A more cleaner environment and proper sanitation - we don't really need to be hi-tech for that right?

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