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Feb 22, 2010

Fuji Steak House + Sake Bomb!

Tomorrow, Operations Team is driving to St. Louis to stay in Renaissance Hotel overnight.. then they will head to Japan in the morning. They're home (Manila) by Wednesday or Thursday.

Tonight though, we dined out to celebrate the good times we had here in Illinois and to celebrate Rona's birthday.

Fuji is a Teppan Hibachi Style SteakHouse.
The chef will cook your food in a Teppan Grill while adding some entertainment while they're actually cooking. They will toss and flip food, make art while cooking, throw this, catch that - while stirring, cooking, slicing and flipping steaks, vegetables and seafoods.. totally awesome and very skilled chefs! I dined in a similar restaurant like this.. it was Benihana in Ohio. I'm glad I'm not disappointed with their cooking skills and quality of food. I actually liked FUJI's food better than Benihana.


Aloha Soda
Bubble gum flavored water. Very interesting how this was opened. There's also a marble inside - I don't know for what reason.

Their Hibachi Dinner includes SALAD and SOUP

Our assigned CHEF, demonstrating his skills

HIBACHI Dinner Plate Combination
Steak and Chicken with fried rice, mixed vegetables and shrimp

to cap the night off we had SAKE BOMB!
it was fun drinking this.. this is how you do it.

The server would say SAKE and you all have to shout BOMB... three times. So it'll be.. SAKE.. BOMB! SAKE.. BOMB! SAKE.. BOMB. After saying the last 'BOMB' server strikes the gong three times to indicate 3-2-1, then you pound the table hard enough for the chopsticks to wiggle and for the SAKE to fall into your glass of beer.. then drink it, bottoms up!

I had total fun!
Manila.. here we come! :)

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r e y a n e said...

Oh nice! ... renaissance is where I stayed before.... for 2 weeks.

r e y a n e said...

it's near the airport.

-mayang- said...

hey sis. yes.. that's why we're staying there overnight.. because our flight is too early for driving. see you!

Quest to be on the top of the food chain! said...

sake bomb!
nice one ate hahaha!