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Jun 11, 2009


my PC clock shows 11:27 PM.. on a Thursday evening and I'm still wide awake. Uhmm, not exactly happily awake.. more of like 'work mode' still awake.

this afternoon during lunch, we tried something different - Benihana that is at 6th East St.
The restaurant uses Teppanyaki style - a Japanese method of cooking that uses iron griddle or teppan to cook food. We all had LUNCH BOXES - choice of any 2 or 3 combination - chicken, shrimp, scallop, beef julienne, calamari, mushrooms, i forgot the rest.

Hmm, I didn't find the food so different - it even tasted ordinary to me.. I guess what made it special is how it was prepared....

.. indeed :)

TGIF in a little while! :D

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