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Feb 5, 2009

Point and Shoot

Sigh, I don't have a digital camera.

My family never owned one.. even during the 'film' years way back. During my last trip to the US, I borrowed one. Poor me. Hehe. Yeah I know. I survived without me having to buy. And now that I heard that there's a possibility of going back this March I am forcing myself to scout for a cheap, reasonably priced and quality camera. I want something that's point and shoot, no hassles, no complications :p

I have asked many people about it and I have observed that Canon is a great choice, and so I would like to stick with that. I like the ixus 85is - neat and pretty reliable. I think Cisco has this one and I have copies of all the pics he took.. they're all good. But I want something that won't even reach 10k... meron kaya nun?

... and I found this for 6K, you think this is ok for a starter?

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venice said...

good choice mae! its actually not that bad even if its just 7.1mp. pag mas mataas kasi yung MP ibig sabihin lang non mas mataas reso or mas ok for large scale printing. where are you gonna buy it? i rarely see 7mp canon cams in the market these days. oh you can also check, kimstore.multiply.com some of my friends kasi bought their gadgets and cameras from her, la naman prob so far and they're cheaper. see you at work!

-mayang- said...

hey ven! saw that from ebay.ph. bidding starts at 6K, im thinking of haggling at a fixed 6 or till 7.. hehe, i guess its not bad right? mas mababa ung kimstore.multiply compared sa dbgadgets.multiply ha,, but i will keep on scouting for more alternatives... thanks for dropping by here... :)

Kim said...

Canon's a good brand if you like tinkering with the settings like me. But if you're a lazy git like Drew who just likes using the automatic settings, I'd like to recommend the Sony Cybershot W170 - it's zoom capability is even better than the W300. It's worth 11,500 (plus memory card) from Kimstore (kimstore.multiply.com) - I swear by that camera. If you're going to buy your first point and shoot, I say go with that one. Sabihin mo kay Kim kaibigan mo ako - baka she'll give you a discount.

-mayang- said...

hey kim :), another friend also suggested kimstore.. ive visited that multiply site naren :) we'll see, hehe. thanks for dropping by!