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Feb 9, 2009

Online Marathon: Gossip Girl Season 2

I know I mentioned last time that I have a non working DVD of gossip girl right?, and ETC has started airing the show last weekend. I wont be able to really see it on TV so I had to search the net for some quality videos. It's a little pathetic I know.. Believe me I'm not so much a fan of pirated ones and free internet as its really not right and fair to many people involved in the industry.. but sometimes during desperate times... I have to do this!

Hehe, drama! And so I've seen quite several episodes already. To date I think they have until Episode 18. And while I am typing this I am allowing half of Episode 14 to buffer first before I continue to watch.

La lang, just thought I update you my dear blog. :p

.. and oh dear, sa labas ng bahay namen... VIDEOKE galore ang mga tao.. buti na lang malaki headset na binili ng kuya koh!

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Kim said...

you have such a good soul to even be conscientious about such a thing. :p