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Feb 7, 2009

First Class for my 2nd Account

Finally! I made it to the very last day of my very first class, Product Specifics Training is nevertheless over.
And what a way to actually end it? Getting drunk of course! err, drinking but not really getting drunk. My class and I spent some time chit chatting outside of the classroom for a change.. for the very first time with them.. holding bottles of drinks instead of the tiresome notebooks, markers and ballpens. Fortunately, everything went well. Nobody was crazy drinking more than what they can take. And of course, nothing can beat a drinking session that's free!! :p thank you!

One of my trainees is leaving Pinas to continue his work abroad. He is actually bound to go there anyway, it just so happened that he was accepted in the company. And that is one of the reasons why the class went out too.

Training has always been a learning experience for me, and the recent one I completed was no exception at all. The class, I think tested me for patience... because I almost lost it during the process.. hay naku!! Fortunate enough, I'm still myself. hehe.

so happy nesting on Monday, and guys? share the pics please..

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