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Feb 14, 2009

Happy Valentines! 09

And yet again.. for another little something... surprise..

Marvin bought some pizza and charlie chan from yellow cab and had it delivered to our office for my sumptuous lunch this valentine! actually, to tell you the truth.. he's not like this. maybe because we always see each other before (as we're in the same company) so he doesn't normally deliver stuff to me. But I liked it, thoughtful enough :p

I took a pic of the pizza because I was laughing my ass off when I saw the pepperonis.. can you see it clearly? tell me what you see. hindi ko alam kung baduy.. or he was just like making valentines day as the excuse to be cheesy and baduy. LOL. But just like what I've said. I love it, I love you!!

when he saw this pic, he said he didn't request it this way.. he wanted every single pepperoni cut into HEART shape and then distribute it just like a normal pizza. Sabi ko nga, natuwa naman ako eh, i think the ones who made this wouldn't spend so much time cutting/ reshaping the pepperonis right? The outcome was fine.. the only problem was some cuts were highly concentrated with toppings while the others were just cheese :p

..And the rest of feb 14? I just slept :p everyday is supposed to be a love day anyway.

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