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Feb 28, 2009

Training Progress

How's everyone doing during this hot days of the season?

Ha. Summer is fast approaching and I personally think Manila is not the ideal place to be.. hehe. Not that I meant it in such a bad way, but sometimes I can't bear the heat anymore!! Ok, I'll stop whining now because unlike Australia, Manila doesn't seem to experience heat waves and heat strokes. It's just that when 3PM kicks in.. ay, I would be awake. I always and always.. get to wake up in the middle of my sleep because of the fu**ing heat. Or maybe its just our house? And thus, I wouldn't be able to sleep anymore. Aircon is not an option, we're a classic struggling family.. and so we don't have that, hehe :p

I just wish to leave Pinas soon and experience winter for a change!

How's your week? Mine? it was very BUSY but accomplishing. I am now fully New Hire Certified. Thank You! Actually, while the certification was happening, I had to do some side lines - print some stuff, laminate certificates and other materials, buy this, buy that, do up-training, send emails, update trackers, sign forms, CALL FOR FOOD DELIVERY (which I liked with no complaints at all!!) LOL and so many others.

But at the end of the week, I got a very positive result... I got certified and the rest of the participants too. On top of that, we (training) were able to pull off the biggest graduation celebration to date with the assistance of so many others. I failed to send a THANK YOU note to all of them but I hope they are all aware of their participation. We ROCK!! Thank you for the help everyone.

Last day of the week marks the end of the 10 painstaking weeks of product training. Hay salamat! :p LOL, but just like what I mentioned to my class.. I could have not imagined any other class to supervise but theirs.

At this point, I am all smiles kahit puyat.
No more overtime hours in the office just to finish trackers and action logs, no more class to look after to, no more people to motivate LOL (but I beg to disagree because I love talking to people and sharing my two cents every time)...

Seriously, I am very thankful for every learning experience. No room for retreats... it's all learning.. and its all about progress! success in 2009!

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