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Feb 3, 2009

Ohio in March?


I'm posting because I can't contain it myself. I have to share it to someone or somebody else. Here it goes...

My manager told me we are going back to the US.

Ok, no screaming, no giggling or whatever. I am happy yes, but I know there's always drawbacks.. consequences. It all happened this morning when I got to talk with my 'MA' (manager) and she told me there is a possibility of flying back to the US and I might be part of the entourage after all. We will just wait for the official papers but until then, nothing is confirmed and official yet.
Here's the current weather condition in OH

Temp: 33°F (1°C) Overcast
Humidity: 70%
Wind Speed: NW 5 MPH
Barometer: 30.09 in
Dewpoint: 24°F
Wind Chill: 29°F
Updated at 753 PM EST MON FEB 2 2009
super I say.. super cold. :p


What is happening in OPS? I say its really unfair in so many ways. You have me 100% guys. If you have to do a dialogue, you can count me in. They might not listen to me as I'm not directly impacted but you can always rely on me.... till the end.

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