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Feb 11, 2009

Pre Valentines Special

I was pretty surprised to see what was waiting for me, last night's shift. I can say I was really impressed with the efforts. Not to mention I liked it so much!

First, I thought they're real flowers, but the official receipt (minus the amount, thank gahd), came together with the package and it says '12 pieces rose soap flower'. I'll wait till the time comes that I can use the soap, hehe. It'll stay in my table until after Valentine. I love it. Thanks hon!!

I also got a long stemmed rose from my co-trainer (whose name is actually Rose too)

just don't mind my messy table

if you look closely, you'll notice the petals were carved thinly.. i call it a piece of art

i don't know the source but it says fiore wiz - try fiorewiz.ph

Here's the message from the card:

"And through me, eyes will see
There will be only you
Only you"
an excerpt from Only You by After Image

Happy Hearts to everyone!

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