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Dec 24, 2008

Noche Buena '08

pc clock says 8:47 pm. i'm currently in the office (just arrived) actually as i type away and blog.. mariah carey singing her christmas album...

im not sad to be working in the office tonight, i might during the new year's eve, but until then... i won't waste efforts in thinking that I could have stayed home instead. day is going good so far. i was actually awaken by the busy bees at home, my family dined (all together) kanina, without me.. hehe, because I was still sleeping, but their happy conversations woke me up.

when i was blog hopping early this morning, I noticed that a lot of the sites i visit have not updated their journal for a week or two - hiatus ba itoh? sobrang busy guys ah.

anyway, allow me to say that my christmas wish this season is continued STRONG family ties, STRONG love relationship, BETTER if not the same career and BETTER finances.

please do enjoy and make the most out of what you have... as not everyone can be with their families and loved ones this noche buena...

... till next christmas!

Happy Holidays everyone!

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