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Dec 21, 2008

Four Days

.. before Christmas and a whole lot of errands to do.

I've actually decided not to buy any gifts this year, yeah.. poor me. Anyway, I'm not sad or anything because I will still buy some for the ones closest to me... my parents, my siblings, my students, and maybe simple souvenirs for our dear guests, and oh --- never to forget the beau!

I would normally buy simple gifts for my inaanak too and all my cousins, nieces and nephews.. but I decided moolah na lang, because they're just toooooooooooooo many!!! LOL. my inaanak ata is around 8, my pamangkins are more than that.. so... sorry guys, hopefully I can personalize your Christmas next year when everything is a little bit better for me.

I wouldn't normally go out with my mama to buy these stuff but marvin has work and my sister slept like 5AM so I guess I can't hide any gifts for her now, or whatever.. she decides for what she wants anyway.

I don't forget remyxx but we have not seen each other for ages! OMG, I can't believe this. When we were in College before, we would tell each other that we should have a reunion or something to that effect every month. It's been ages girlfriends,, what happened? On a side note, I haven't seen my bestfriend for like a year too.. sorry rina.. please remember that I love you, I always will.

..... hmmmmm, what to get beau this time? shit, hopefully he didn't buy the chucks/sneaks I've been ranting hehehehe.. I like the colorful chuck taylor kasi, I've seen it from couple of students and other people and I thought its really cool.. sabi ko un na lang gift nia, pero sana hindi nia binili... hon, if you're reading... kahit VS bag na lang, i'll be happy with that na. hindi kasi ako sporty so....... even though I would love sneakers this xmas, i'll trade it with a cute Victoria Secret 'speedy' type bag. mura lang yon ha! :p

.............. I'm just waiting for mama and off we will go to wherever we need to go to buy grocerieeeeeeeees, and others. I always make it a point to be at the mall exactly 10AM, so when they open I'm there... but there's always exception to the rules right? so I will make myself ready makipagbungguan sa malls.

PS - I'll spend Christmas in the office pala, partly sad, partly ok because I know it will be worth it for so many reasons naman. :)
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I won't greet you Merry Christmas yet because I'll make sure to blog again. :)

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