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Dec 14, 2008


... in my eyes

I was a little late in seeing the movie, we just did last Saturday.

Anyway, for one.. I have not read the book, I don't know the story whatsoever, I just know that its a story of a vampire and a human and that's it.. I think I have to find out the rest.

Sorry, but I find the story lacking of sooooooooooo many things. I couldn't help myself but compare with the movie i've seen in HBO - THE COVENANT. I did not see this movie from the big screen but I totally liked it, kahit na medyo may part na minadali. Plus the fact na super gwaping nung bida dun.. wink wink

I am a little disappointed. I know no movie has ever lived up to the book itself but I thought I could see something different plus the fact that the director of HP directed this movie. How is the twilight book written? Is it really just the love story of Bella and Edward.. if it is,, maybe the director could have emphasized on it a little more. Parang all of a sudden sila na.. all of a sudden this girl is interested on Edward... parang alam mo na ung magiging ending.. magiging sila nga. I don't know, maybe its just me.. maybe I have too much expectations.

If you find it good, sorry... boooo me.

Sana me part two, and hopefully, it'll be something better na by that time. I'll still watch it. But I won't buy the book, I'll just read the PDF. :p

Kristen Stewart was really good. I love all Kristen na..hehe, started with Kristen Bell.
I'm just not sure with Robert Pattinson. Meron siyang lines na dapat medyo comedy kasi napapangiti sya or merong lines na dapat important and nakakakilig pero naging blah... ay ewan. Maybe its really just me.

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