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Dec 9, 2008

Sunday Celebration!!

It's exactly 11AM now but instead of sleeping, I'm still awake. I just got home from visiting my sick bf who I think just needs to see me for him to be alright... haba ng hair!! well, its a gf duty to take care of one another ryt? so i just did my part...

anyway, before I sleep here while typing, let me update you of the things that happened last sunday.

FIRST - manny strikes again!
He's really one hell of a fighter. I can't believe how he made me hunt google and all other search engines to find a live ppv broadcast of his fight. It was really tough looking for one because I know HBO said they will block all illegally streaming live broadcasts. Pero wag ka, nakahanap ako.. My mother turned off the TV because she's getting nervous, pumusta na naman kasi mga cousins ko... they're really MANNY fans but they may have realized that dela hoya could win so tumaya sila ke dela hoya ng 40K lang naman.... My mama said, hay naku, patayin na natin TV.. walang manonood. Hindi naman nakatira mga cousins ko dito sa bahay, so kami lang talaga nagpatay ng TV para di namen mapanood. :p And so I switched the PC on and started searching. I was happy to find ppvheaven.webs.com - nung nakita ko round 6 na - di pa din naguumpisa sa channel 7 so I know I've spotted a Live Broadcast. Yahoo! I pumped the speaker and watched every bit of it (kahit medyo mabagal).. then my mama started phoning my cousins, kesyo maga na daw mata ni dela hoya, kesyo matatalo ata sila sa bet, and biglang round 8.. out of nowhere, nagsigawan fans at dumgundong speakers namen... ayun na! shet, manny won and my cousins lost.
CONGRATS manny, you deserve it. I salute you. 40k? --- pera lang daw yon. :p

SECOND - Untouchables Christmas Party

shet, I can't continue, my eyebags are on my cheeks na, as black as a coal..
promise, this week won't pass without my Xmas party update! :)


grabbed from venice

love it!!!

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Reyanee said...

hahahaha!!!.. amfufu... im not alone and bitter pala.... i also lost a bet because of dela hoya!!.. waaaah... pustahan kami ni rodel... i lost 500!... :P