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Dec 19, 2008


ok.. sorry for the title but I couldn't think of anything anymore.

I'd like to separately blog about a lot of things that's going on, but I just couldn't find the time. Hay.
  1. When I went home the other day around 10AM or something, I dropped by National Bookstore to get myself an ID holder. I couldn't believe it, my eyes spotted a hidden - i described it hidden because it wasn't exposed or flaunted for enough marketing, Belle De Jour powerplanner. Actually, I bought one online and never had the time to pay it, and of course they won't deliver if it hasn't been paid yet. I didn't think twice - hehe, I like their planner kahit medyo mahal.. so I grabbed it and paid for it. Ung bill ko na dapat e less than 50 pesos naging 600 pesos. I met the one who started this planner last year December din, from a bazaar at SMX and I bought 11 planners. I don't have the 2007, but I have the 2008... and I can say they're getting better at their craft.
  2. Dami namang celebrations this weekend. a-Marvin's niece out of town christening and family gathering. b-POE W2 Christmas Celebration and reunion. c-TQA's Christmas party at Center Stage. Which one should I attend?
will try to blog during weekend and I'll try make my post worth it naman.


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