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Dec 6, 2008

December - First Week


I have not been really busy.. and for that I didn't fail to recognize that it's already December. Few more sleep/s, few more baths, few more work hours and whala... Christmas again.

There's nothing really to blog.. so I'll just update y'all...
  1. Marvin is currently sick - trangkaso. I wish him well. Hopefully he manages to overcome this sickness sooner.. rather than later. He still reports to work so God Bless him.
  2. I finally got the suit I'll be wearing for the Christmas Party; hehe - I had mine tailored para cheap.. I didn't think twice to get myself a suit since I know I'll be able to use it in the office... heeee. Our party is themed UNTOUCHABLES/ MAFIA/ GANGSTER - so yeah, imagine the long lost Fedora hats and Oxford Shoes. But I think its very timely though - those fedora hats are everywhere - Divisoria and Baclaran sells them too!
  3. Christmas Party is in Top Shelf, Bonifacio High Street at 6PM.
  4. It's PACQUIAO vs DELA HOYA this Sunday. My parents are DELA HOYA, dahil llamado daw but super manny fans. What do you think?
What else, what else?

I think that's it for this week. I'll definitely update you about what will happen in the xmas party.

Thanks for dropping by!
Ciao! :)

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