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Dec 22, 2008


Sorry, but I just have to blog this really. During our Product Training days.. a few weeks back, I would normally buy drinks, or any chi-cha to keep me hydrated and AWAKE. I would always stop by 7-11 on the way to work.. I didn't realize I'm not buying the real vitaminwater until i tasted it

the vitwater (sorry, but didn't impress me)
borrowed this picture from the net, w/c i think came from a blog too
can't find my USB for my phone so I can't upload my phone photos

and this is the vitaminwater I used to buy at Walmart, Laramie.
I wonder how much it'll cost if the real one gets shipped here, this costs 80cents to a dollar back there, depending on the size. But my manager said - there's too much sugar on it.. hehehe so sometimes I drink Gatorade na lang :p

THREE DAYS TO GO... before Christmas

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Kim said...

Nye. They sell those at Rustan's. Even at Krispy Kreme. Vitamin Water from the US mismo. :)

-mayang- said...

really? i haven't really noticed it at krispy kreme,, reasonable ba price? will check it. this is good news then. :)