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Mar 6, 2008

what now?

okay - my PC clock says 12:45AM and im supposed to be sleeping but instead.. here i am, blogging away. i couldn't help myself. maybe i blogged about my job hunt so much that it ended up na nausog, hay talaga.

i just got home about 2 hours ago, came from a night interview. it was all well and good. according to the manager who interviewed me, my facilitation and presentation skills were impressive. So setting of expectations, objectives, short and long terms goals kung makukuha ako for the job.

i am so into this company and into this position that i think my skills overall will definitely grow more. i am positive that this experience will mean positive achievement and more remarking accomplishment in my career. the only drawback, they find the salary that i'm asking a bit too high. uhmmm, eto na nga ba dilemma ko from a BPO company transferring to another random company other than Call Center. The decision of movement happened because of growth in career and monetary benefits that may come with it. The way i see this prospect job - it'll be a hell of a challenge, and yet hindi ka compensated well enough? Mali pa nga ata term ko because their benefits package daw is good, it's the basic na medyo hindi abot sa expectations. hindi naman ako naghahangad "pa" hahaha ng 3-digit salary --- sabi nga nila, "if much is given, much is expected" -- parang in this case, this is what is given but much is expected. but i so like the job - feeling ko super magiging hard work talaga to that will test my skills, aptitude, abilities, my potential to overcome 'any' challenges that may arise. pero parang hard work lang, pano ung pay off for a job well done?

hehehe - assuming naman ako. di pa naman binibigay saken ung trabaho. and wala pang job offer, but in case they negotiate with me, ano gagawin ko. i want to take the job and i want to have my asking salary - di nga yon mashadong mataas eh. :(

Lord, just clear my head with all the questions - i just want to see where you want me to be so i can go there. sorry for asking so much. pag future na talaga pinaguusapan, i don't want to jump at once.

hindi na tayo bumabata - i had to step up and work harder to become better in all aspects. bless me please.

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