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Mar 24, 2008

P. E. at grepa

since this is the first day at work again for most people after the holy days - i predicted makati will be full of traffic and so busy today. hehe, nevertheless,i decided to complete my 'new' work requirements today. i'm required to submit this form to a specific bank in makati for payroll account enrollment and to have a pre-hire physical examination in one of their affiliated medical center - and so i decided to go today. apparently, marvin also decided to leave teletech for hopefully "GREENER" pastures. he also scheduled this day for a job hunt. in short, nagkita kami sa makati. the physical examanation was a bit ok. the nurses and doctors there treated everyone fairly and courteously - and FAST ha. they have nice and awesome service. after my physical exam affair, i met marvin for a lunch. i was there merely for support. :)
when the day was over and I was back home, i was happy to realize that all my requirements are now all good - i'm super complete.

super super god bless and good luck on your job hunt hon.

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