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Mar 26, 2008

i heard laiya??

laiya is where our/my family spent the 'hot' summer last year. apparently, i was in cebu last year so i didn't get to be with them while they were savoring white sand and clear waters of laiya resort in san juan batangas. hmmmm, today, i heard mama and kae talking about going to laiya again for another summer escapade. :)

and because of that, it was a good excuse to go and check out summer finds at malls. :) hehe, and because i don't wear swimsuits and things like that, i tried looking for some other fab finds. but it was simply hot outside, kae and i couldn't continue our window shopping without a drink on hand, even if its' centralized airconditioned inside malls. whew. okay, at the end of the day, i got myself a shorts from maui and sons (class A) from tutuban of course :), a spongebob shorts for marvin which he really wanted.

on the other side of the story, mama wants to have a new washing machine because the old one that we have has been running for close to ten years - hahhaha, it needs replacement na. :) so we bought one and a new stand fan for me.

haaaaaaaay, the day ended with tired feet. had to sleep, rest and apply ointment to my legs.
gudnyt! :)

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