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Mar 27, 2008

Les Misérables

aahhhhhhhhh, just like i predicted - oh well, maybe just for today.

i thought, since i applied for a terminal leave, i'll be home alone all week , doing nothing but REST. but nope, blame the heat, the beach planning and blame mama for wanting another washing machine that's why my sister and I had to go out everyday - hahaha. :) joke lang :p

anyway, today is a bit nice because i stayed home. ahhhhhh, just like i wanted it. i was able to enjoy this movie from HBO -Les Miserables. i must admit, i've never read the book yet but i remember, when i was in college, i borrowed the book from the library. it was written by victor hugo, a white thick one. the movie was nice, not so old but the setting is. i thought - if i've read the book, it'll even be more nice.

Les Miserables is a 1998 movie:

A sweeping epic of love, honor and obsession played out against the tumultuous backdrop of early 19th century France. Starring: Uma Thurman, Geoffrey Rush, Liam Neeson" Set in the tumultuous backdrop of early 19th century France, this epic story tells the tale of Jean Valjean, whose theft of a loaf of bread condemns him to an unjust prison sentence. Leading a life on the run, Valjean falls in love with the beautiful Fantine and devotes himself to caring for Fantine and her daughter, Cosette. All the while, Valjean is hunted by Javert, a policeman whose lifelong search for Valjean has turned into an obsession. When Cosette's lover, Marius, faces death in the bloody 1832 revolution, Valjean rescues him, forcing a final, decisive confrontation with Javert.(HBO ASIA).
i'm happy to have seen the movie. :)

i hope to finish reading:

- memoirs of a geisha (i've read its PDF version but i know i wasn't able to finish it because i can't remember the ending)

- book 6 of Vampire Chronicles (haaaay, can't really sit down and continue reading. i find the plot a bit boring compared to book 5, i know - hehe, sorry. maybe its just me and not really the book - after all)

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