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Mar 7, 2008

Dum Spiro, Spero

and yes i hope, hoping and will still continue to hope as long as i live :)
my prayers and hard work resulted in success. finally, i signed the job offer that GXS has given me. it wasn't the same amount as i was asking but it was fair enough considering the OT pay, the reimbusible benefits i am provided with, the bonuses, perks and all - not to mention that i am the first ever local trainer of the company.

it was Friday around 8PM when i want back, for the fourth time!, at RCBC. went straight to 36th floor and prayed for the best while expecting worst. I was automatically greeted by ms. ever friendly carol and laid down the job offer. Right at the moment when she mentioned the salary - I've made up my mind - i'm signing. When she mentioned the other perks and benefits, it made me more interested though i had to read the contract all throughout. i kept texting mama, kuya and marvin na i'm signing na pero walang signal that time - so un, i kept the good news all to myself. hindi ako naexcite and all - kasi di ko naman lam difference ng perks nila although i can tell from the amount that its even triple from what i'm getting now. hanggang nung matapos ung signing - parang malamya pa ren ako - maybe lack of sleep. hahahaa!

after the contract signing, i immediately called marvin and texted mama. hay - head to work after.

the only thought that's running in my head - i am contented. i am thankful. i am still blessed. :)

i'm currently polishing my requirements para complete ang transition. i'm excited, happy, contented, anxious-nervous with all that's in store for me.

Best of Luck!

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