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Mar 23, 2008

Easter Sunday

i had to go to the office today to fix some stuff, i don't like kasi that everyone will be there looking at me when i start to bring my things home - this is in relation to my job movement. anyway, so super saturday - i slept all day long. :p then early morning last sunday - i went to the office. i have to buy this proactiv that i've been using for a while - so i went to mall of asia first before office. well - actually everything went smoothly considering i was all alone strolling, but i just went to watsons talaga to buy - hehe. ok - so i spent closely about 4K that day - at watsons alone! i'll blog more about proactiv when i get continuous amazing results. :)

after watsons, i'm supposed to grab something to eat but i couldn't really tell what my stomach wants. suddenly i saw SUBWAY. hehe, babaw noh. when i saw my co-trainer with subway on his table, i can't help myself - i want one din. so i walked straight to subway with smiles on my face and whoah, satisfied to the max. when i was walking towards the office, kahit mabigat ung dala ko - all smiles pa ren ako. Subway is one of the few that I really like. haaaaaaaaaaay. Sorry - since, I'm only in an internet shop, I'll post the picture soon. :)
happy easter!

sorry ha - ako talaga e follower ng subway - i can live eating subway everyday! haha - parang si sir reggie - hahaha.

P.S. -sis, sorry naman, DOWN and PC eh, kaya late post.

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