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Mar 12, 2011

Bantayan Island, Day 2, Play!

I was on the lookout if the weather will turn to any more OK. My patience was ultimately tested when I'm about to give up and just bring umbrella, just so we can stroll. But the rain stopped although the wind was still mad.

We hurriedly changed clothes, actually I was the one who was in a hurry and very excited with the change of weather, and ran to the shore. Good thing Tristan Resort is super beachfront. No further walking needed.


we found so many little friends on the shore. A lot of them were just brought here by the current. They kept digging the soft sand until they're burrowed. In samar, we call this UMANG

The ride that got us around the streets of Sta. Fe

First Destination, Ogtong Cave in Ogtong Beach Resort
with an entrance of Php100, we got a dip in their pool and beach

towards their Ogtong Cave
swimming isn't allowed because of the Tsunami threat, they're being safe. So, pictures only

Here's the beachfront

We found a little white friend on our way back.
Marvin thought this is a spider :p
It's TINY crab, I suppose. crablet? :p

Our background is a sandbar that gets formed in different places depending on the season.

We're enjoying Bantayan despite the rain!
We actually went back to our resort when the rain poured heavily.

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