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Mar 15, 2011

no to PLASTICs

From my recent Cebu Trip, I have concluded that Cebu is making a stand on campaigning a healthier and greener Cebu by eliminating plastic bottles.


Pictured below are some water dispensers that you'll see around Cebu. Almost every street has a minimum of one water dispenser. I am totally amazed on Filipinos developed a paid water dispenser that aims to control usage of plastic water bottles. Your Php1.00 in this dispenser is equivalent to 25ML of water whereas the cheapest 50ML water in 7-11 is around Php10.00. You don't just save money, we CONTROL PLASTIC.

Don't buy water bottles in stores anymore. Now you can carry your chic/posh/cute tumbler and refill all you want.

It's time to make a difference.

(hopefully clean water is not going to be an issue.)

I hope we could find ways to improve this dispenser and adapt here in the Philippines.
I challenge those water companies (Absolute, Coca-Cola, Wilkins, etc) to just make dispensers like this instead of small disposable water bottles.

Let's be Eco-Friendly.

For more ways to save the Earth, visit wwf.org.ph/howhelp.php

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